Ultralight tactical vehicle (UTV) prepared through rigorous operator input and fielding to support small unit dominance. Hendrick Commando is distinguished by its safety, versatility, and affordability. Hendrick Commando uses JP-8 and all diesel fuels, is validated for cross-country mobility, completed safety evaluation, and is certified for helicopter internal air transport. Commercial off the shelf (COTS) item. Agile Strength™ for demanding operators. CommandoUSA.com to learn more.



Non-Standard Commercial Vehicle proof-of-concept build completed by racing technicians and designers in just 45 days, including comparative evaluation. Improving payload, handling and tactical utility through key modifications, including a carbon fiber cargo bed. H7 established and verified Hendrick Dynamics' rapid problem solving technique - what we call Unconventional Mobility®.



Light Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle built to conduct platform evaluation for a special purpose project. Flywheel loads onboard V-22 rotorwing with uninterrupted roll-on, roll-off. Seating for two occupants, NATO standard pallet bed, winches fore and aft, 120V AC supply, blackout function with infrared, and reduced noise signature. Designed for improved safety, payload, and stability.



Military design commercial vehicle providing squad-size mobility for rapid reaction forces. Adjustable damping system tuned primarily for speed over moderate terrain. Ballistic armor includes completely protected cab and perimeter protected troop seating in bed. Forceman is compliant with DOD Single Fuel Policy (AR 70-12), is fixed wing air transportable, and serviceable at auto dealerships.

GSA AutoChoice

Sourcing under contract with the General Services Administration (GSA) as the mandatory source for purchases of new non-tactical vehicles by DOD and federal executive agencies. GSA Automotive selections include sedans, light trucks, and SUVs. Hendrick is committed to providing excellent customer service, value-add process management, and cost-effective vehicle options. Government access at GSA AutoChoice.

Special Applications

Solutions for special applications which have been proven in competitive environments. All solutions designed for durability and minimal weight. Ultra-high energy density batteries in custom shapes and sizes, ultra-light composite structures including carbon fiber and carbon/para-aramid composites, high-efficiency personnel cooling systems for in-vehicle and dismounts, driver and technician cross-training for high-effectiveness in difficult conditions, tailored professional performance development, CONUS airlift including helicopter, business jet, and regional jet airliner.



Advanced Seating System developed to protect occupants in high-load crashes. The seats are used by nearly all NASCAR racing drivers, employ lightweight composite materials, are SFI certified, and are built exclusively by Hendrick. Proven effective through sled testing and dozens of real-world outcomes backed by onboard crash data. Commercial item. Multiple patents issued.



Versatile tactical expeditionary systems for commercial vehicle modifications to meet military requirements. Vertex includes cost-effective methods to provide commercial vehicle certification for helicopter internal air transport (HIAT) per MIL-STD-209, and for applying highly-modular connection points for tactical and vocational implements. Patents issued and pending.