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STEED significantly enhances human performance during dismounted operations. Ideal for use in personnel recovery, versatile equipment transport, and in maximizing small unit dominance by way of reducing troop overburden.




STEED delivers an innovative solution to existing capability gaps identified by the Army, Marine Corps, and Special Operations Command, and further highlighted by current military doctrine for dismounted operations across demanding battlefield environments.


STEED powers through difficult terrain; over rocks, tight turns, through wetlands, submerged in water, and even climbs stairwells. Configurable load deck and low center of gravity allow for a wide variety of payloads. Design allows for use by two operators, or a more compact single-operator set-up can be easily employed. 


STEED improves warfighter survivability, close combat lethality, and human performance by lightening the load. Field evaluations demonstrate marked reductions in heart rate and energy expenditure with use of STEED. Data comparisons show operators can move 4x more payload, with less stress and fatigue versus man-pack carriage.


STEED is the application of Unconventional Mobility® to increase warfighter loadout capacity, improve human performance, and extend dismount endurance. STEED affords leadership additional options when planning for critical missions that are currently constrained by documented capability gaps.